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Guest Post: Milwaukee’s Riverwest Co-op

And I’m finally getting around to putting up Part II of the Milwaukee mac n’ cheese guest posts from Kelly Peloza!

The Mac N Trees is a staple item on the menu at the Riverwest Co-op Cafe and Grocery. The cafe is entirely meat-free and most, if not all, of the vegetarian items can be made vegan. They have really delicious brunch on the weekends with giant pancakes, biscuits and gravy, and a variety of yummy breakfast plates. My favorite co-op sandwiches are the Tempeh Reuben and the Phamous Philly, which is the greatest Philly I’ve had outside of Philadelphia (I’ve actually never eaten a Philly in Philly). Both are fantastic served with a side of Mac N Trees, a sweet and garlicky nooch-based mac that’s mixed up with broccoli florets. You can also buy it out of the deli case by the pound, so keep that in mind for mac n cheese cravings in Milwaukee!

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One response to “Guest Post: Milwaukee’s Riverwest Co-op

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