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Guest Post: Milwaukee’s Comet Cafe Part 1

Our latest guest post comes all the way from Midwest from the lovely Kelly Peloza, author of delectable baking book The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur and blogger at Seitan Beats Your Meat.  Today she shares with us some really tasty looking offerings from Comet Cafe in Milwaukee. Can someone please take me there now?

Comet Cafe Mac n' Cheese

Comet Cafe has more to offer the vegan crowd than free bacon Sundays and the hamburger-encased grilled cheese sandwich made infamous by Guy Fieri (this was a real thing, I swear! Look up the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives episode and ignore the bacon propaganda)! Despite all the meatiness, Comet is a go-to restaurant for any vegan in Milwaukee. Their menu has an abundance of vegan diner-style sandwiches, brunch, and entrees such as the Vegan Deep fried ribs, Open-Faced Meatloaf Sandwich, Kelly’s Vegan Breakfast Scramble (I wish I could say that was named after me!), and some really fantastic french fries. Their Mac n Cheese made vegan is a somewhat recent addition to the menu. It’s your basic nooch sauce mac n cheese with a nutty flavor, baked with breadcrumbs. While the flavor is mellow and not too out of the ordinary, it really shines as straight-up home cooked comfort food. I bet it would be fantastic with a side of chili.

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Mac and Cheese at Rosetta’s Kitchen in Asheville, NC

Editor Note: Our first guest post comes from Panda Cookie all the way over in North Carolina. When she’s not enjoying a hot bowl of mac n’ cheese you can find her sewin’ up adorable wares and baking delicious vegan treats to sell on Etsy.

Sweet, sweet mac and cheese.  When I saw that the Noochy Noodle was taking guest posts I knew I needed to write about one of my favorite places to get it.

Rosetta’s Kitchen in downtown Asheville, NC, is an all vegetarian and vegan restaurant that serves up comfort food with the best of them.  They stay open til 3 am on the weekends so you can get your fill of mashed potatoes, corn fritters and BBQ tempeh in the wee hours.  Their mac and cheese can be ordered as a side dish, cup for $2.50, bowl for $4.

This is mac and cheese prepared the way I like it best, elbow noodles with a cheesy sauce (I think nooch based) and a bit of breadcrumbs baked on top.  There is also a sprinkling of greens and tomatoes added, although I have been when they have it sans tomato or greens.  It satisfies by being creamy without being too heavily sauced.  I like to have a bit of bite to the noodle and I’ve found too much sauce makes the dish too mushy for my tastes.  There isn’t anything revolutionary about the mac at Rosetta’s and I think that is why I am so fond of it.  It is just good solid comfort food when I need it.

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