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A Visit to Iggi’s Texatarian in Austin

Hello! I do apologize for the lack of noodly updates the past few weeks. Things have been a little crazy around Noochy Noodle headquarters. First I took a trip to my hometown of Austin, Texas (more on that in a moment!) and now I’m working like a crazy person on a super secret project. I wish I could say it was mac n’ cheese related, like I’m moving to Portland to open an all vegan mac n’ cheese food cart, but I’m not! But I think it’s just as cool!

Anyway, I am of the humble opinion that Austin is the greatest city earth. There’s something so special about it and I swear you can feel it as you step off the plane. Can you tell I miss it terribly? A lot has changed since I moved to San Francisco from Austin almost 4 years ago. I feel like the number of vegan offerings has tripled since I”ve been away and now I can’t even keep up when I go to visit. Luckily, I did manage to make it to Iggi’s Texatarian, an all vegan food cart. I met up with Chris and Crystal the folks behind the amazing queso from Food For Lovers, plus Chris’ adorable mom,Stephanie from Lazy Smurf’s Guide to Life, and Molly from The Lone Star Plate. We sat around talking and I indulged in some great food!

The menu looked so good, I had a really hard time choosing. I wanted to order everything. I finally settled on the side of mac n’ cheese and a chili dog. The mac n’ cheese was just outstanding. It was a potato based sauce, so it had that creamy and startchy texture that I love. Is there Daiya mixed in? I think there is, but it’s really not much at all. The flavor was mild but quite tasty. I could have easily eaten another 3 servings, and I’m still kicking myself for not ordering more.

And the chili cheese dog? Well just look at it!

Mac n’ cheese lovers be sure and swing by Iggi’s if you’re ever in the Austin area!